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NONGSHIM Olive Jjapagetti [Bundle] 5 x 140g
  • NONGSHIM Olive Jjapagetti [Bundle] 5 x 140g

NONGSHIM Olive Jjapagetti [Bundle] 5 x 140g


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NONGSHIM Olive Jjapagetti [Bundle]
Instant noodles with black bean paste

Best before
Room temperature
Produce of
Republic of Korea



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Ingredients | Allergens

Noodles: WHEAT flour, palm oil, potato starch, modified starch, rice bran flavor solution, EGG shell calcium, refined salt, noodles added alkali agent (acidity regulator), mixed agent (acidity regulator), oligo green tea flavor solution, vitamin B2
Soup: Powdered Jjajang, Refined Sugar, Powdered Caramel No.2 (Caramel Color, Starch Syrup Powder), Jajang Base, Jajang Base Powder, Roasted Seasoned WHEAT Flour, Powdered Caramel No.3 (Caramel Color, Starch Syrup Powder, Enzyme-treated Stevia), Vegetable Oil Powder , Stir-fried Seasoned Corn Water, Roasted Seasoned Potato Powder, Seasoned Jjajang Powder, Starch Syrup Powder, Broth Flavored Seasoning Base, 5-ribonucleotide Disodium, Refined Salt, SOY Protein, Dried Cabbage, Fried Potato Dice, Dried Onion, Dried Carrot

Contains WHEAT, SOYbean, EGG, MILK, SHRIMP, pork

Nutrition Facts
Energy     1.823Kj / 436Kcal
Fat     14,3g
Saturated Fat     5,7g
Carbohydrate     69,3g
Sugar     4,3g
Protein     7,9g
Salt     0,8g